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Relaxing Bliss

Guided Meditation with Restorative Yogarestorative woman-63


Quiet the mind,sooth the body, renew the spirit with guided candle light meditations, deeply relaxing restorative poses, essential oils and chilled lavender eye pillows. Cost 25.00

Friday October 14th 7:30-9:00pm 


 Sweet Tooth Recovery Program

Are You Sugar Sensitive?IMG_2060

  • Do you binge on sweets or white flour foods
  • Do you get irritable without sugar?
  • Is sugar controlling your life?
  • Do you unintentionally drink the whole bottle of wine instead of one glass?

  Your brain uses chemicals called neurotransmitters and the level of these chemicals profoundly affect how you feel. The two chemicals that are most affected in sugar sensitive people are serotonin and beta endorphin which can cause impulsivity, depression, anxiety, irritation, the list goes on.

The Sweet Tooth Recovery Program is designed to end the emotional and biochemical blocks that are keeping you from a sugar free emotionally balanced life.

In this four week series Eileen combines practical coaching, small group hypnosis and easy “food” techniques to end cravings for poisonous sugars once and for all.

 Sunday 12:30-2:00 October 2nd, 16th Nov. 6th and 20th

Pre-registration required  Cost: 160.

Private Hypnosis with Eileen

  • Professional, safe, pampering comfortLocated conveniently at the wellness center of
  • Yoga Sakti Salem MA
  • Confidential and caring environment
  •  Lifetime results
  • Nationally certified with the NGH
  • Carefully guided instruction in self hypnosis
  • Ability how to identify the “story you tell yourself”
  • Instruction on how to interrupt the negative thought patterns
  • Email support
  • Reasonable rates
  • Weekend hours available
  • Free initial phone consultation: Please contact me here

Eileen Erni CHT RYT

  • eileen bio


    I found yoga 20+ years ago to help lessen my anxiety and panic and was immediately hooked. Yet, it wasn’t until I began to teach yoga in 2007 that I found where my true passion for yoga lies; restorative yoga and meditation. I developed a restorative workshop with seamless transition and lots of pampering. So many of you shared with me how much it has helped with stress, anxiety and sleep problems but I wanted to do MORE. I found Hypnosis and after working successfully with a Hypnotherapist decided to become certified and open a private practice at Yoga Sakti Studios in Salem MA. I am so blessed to be able to share these powerful healing techniques in private sessions and group workshops. In my private sessions, you are met where you are and will gently be lead to lasting change. In my workshops,you will experience a state of calming bliss,so desperately needed by all of us.

    I have dedicated my work to the idea:  when you change your mind,you change your life.  I will inspire and motivate you to adopt healthier habits, as these are essential to make your body, mind and emotions function at their greatest capacity.




September 29, 2015 · by kim · in Connections, Just for YouHypnotherapy is a powerful, yet soothing method to lessen anxiety, increase self-confidence, change habits, ease addictions, improve sleep, and create a better life.

Question: Where can you go for an hour to talk through your most pending issues then lay back and relax while being guided through a restful meditative state to release those same issues?

Answer: Eileen McKone Erni at Yoga Sakti in Salem, MA. Eileen is a licensed Hypnotherapist, experienced Restorative Yoga Instructor, and former successful international sales business owner.

Eileen’s background and expertise provides a laser-guided approach to target issues, while creating a supportive and calming atmosphere to delve into those same issues. Eileen’s ability to balance left-brain talk therapy with right-brain guided support is compelling.

In her work, Eileen combines intuitive coaching, relaxation therapy, teaching methods, and hypnotherapy to get to the root of the issue to improve your life. She provides the foundation for change within the session and also gives you tools to use while on your own.

Eileen started doing this work after she practiced yoga to ease anxiety. She realized that yoga was a great way to enter into a relaxed state, yet the mind would still lead a person to make less than desired choices. She discovered hypnotherapy and decided this was the key to create lasting change.

In Eileen’s own words, “I have dedicated my work to the idea: when you change your mind and connect with your most powerful self, you change your life. I will empower you to live your very best life by changing the connection between your mind, body and spirit. I am so grateful to be doing this work. Thank you so very much.”


Eileen’s practice involves both individual sessions as well as group work. The private sessions can be in-person or via technology and her group work involves weekly restorative yoga workshops, monthly guided meditations as well as specialized intensive programs and ongoing courses.

Private Sessions

In-person, Skype or phone consultations are available. The first session is typically 90 minutes and subsequent sessions are 60 minutes.

The rates for private hypnotherapy sessions are $110 for initial session and $90 per subsequent hourly session.

Monthly Group Guided Meditations

Eileen creates themes for each of her guided meditations such as: relaxation, goal attainment, togetherness, improving habits, or increasing self-confidence.

Weekly Class:

Gentle Stretch Restorative Yoga – Fridays, 6:00 – 7:15 p.m.


“I have lost 12lbs in less than a month…After years of beating myself up over lack of will power and body image issues, I am letting that guilt go. I saw your workshop advertised and stepped out of my comfort zone…. You have helped me change my life’s journey and I will be forever grateful.” – E.G.

“Eileen, Your sessions have literally changed my perspective – and behaviors! These sessions have been so powerful for me. I feel better than I have in a very long time! Thanks.” – SH

“I am so glad I brought my daughter to tonight’s class. She really enjoyed your style of teaching. On the way home she said, “That was like a massage but better.” YEAH! These college kids need to learn how to relax. Thank you again for fitting us in.” – M

Contact Information:

Eileen Erni

Hypnosis with Eileen

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Phone: 978.223.3535

Email: eileenerni@icloud.com

Website: http://eileenerni.com